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Flaw to changing VPN occasionally which may get your IPTV link blocked.


New Member
Feb 5, 2016
Hey there. I would like to raise a valid issue for which i have been directly impacted. I am basically having a moan.

I am using KODI via NVIDIA shield and sometimes encounter a scenario when my spanish channels stop working on a particular occasion (commonly when a big premier league match happens). Now usually i can access all the channels without using VPN here in the UK. When the country channels cease to load, i will often load up EXPRESSVPN and select the Switzerland country or Italy domain. Usually this resolves the issue and i can happily watch the spanish channels.

Now on rare occasions disguising myself as Swiss or italy doesnt bypass my UK Isp and non uk channels fail to load up. I will persevere by trying all the available countries on ExpressVPN until i finally can view spanish channels.

Howeee during one such scenario last week my link got blocked. My reseller managed to talk to the admin team to get my link unblocked a few days ago.

Today i sit here writing this message as i am clearly frustrated because an ongoing Man city vs Man utd match prevents me to load up the spanish channels. I have tried to load without VPN , and with VPN as Switzerland, Italy and Belgium. My reseller has just told me that repeating this method risks my link being blocked again.

So why as a user should i be penalised for a blocked link when i genuinely want to watch a country channel by using trial and error theory with hope that one country domain will work?

Are the admin team aware of this flaw? Surely the admin team or reseller can hold my devices MAC address so i can disguise myself as many times as i see fit without impacting on my IPTV link? Does anyone else experience my such scenario?