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HELP! Lets Talk Business

The Business issue thread

Guys we have been talking about a lot of things and I would like to start a thread to discuss business solutions only.

There is a constant plot to rid us of our daily bread, as resellers we are the enemy of states and providers. We are branded pirates and if we study history the great nations of this earth have all been benefactors of piracy in the past. Ok, enough of the politics and terror fears, lets now help each other to plot a path through these thorns.

Payment Solutions
  • I am in Europe-UK hoping to get some help around payment processing hurdles. So can anyone point me in a good or right direction to find payment processors that won't close me down like paypal. Sadly my only language is English so please bare that in mind. Every bloody route requires too much details to be verified I am spending too much time searching for solid options.
As soon as things picks up the questions arise and bam! your dead, in my case dead before the questions lol.

Freezing and VPN
  • This is a common issue as seen in other threads, but, I just want to fucus on which is best to use dedicated IP with a proxy setup or a VPN service. In the UK the Broadband providers are going to lengths to cause interuptions I am sure they guess at times and mess with the speed because they can't see the traffic especially when the matches and fights are on. I want a solution for my clients so I can continue to bragg that I am the best.
  • I currently use Express VPN, but wanted to know of anyones experience with PureVPN, NordVPN or IPVanish. I use Nord a while back and thought it was slow but solid so I wanted to know if the speed has improved. Please share your experience and suggestion.
Business Accounts
  • Share your links here. Share your experience AdvCash, EntroPay etc. Add any other sources that might be of benefit to the forum members.
  • Bitcoin - share your thoughts and experience.
  • Ebay and Paypal - has anybody used aspkin - eBay Stealth Guide, offshorecorptalk.com etc.?
Box sourcing
  • Holding large stocks is too costly and risky in the UK. Looking for sources to get 50 - 100 at a time at a very good price.
  • Hook us up please.

Any other Issues
  • If it is business related lets have it in this forum.

Lets get talking!