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How to make a living as a Reseller


Feb 4, 2017
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Where to start:

The first thing you should do before you get your Reseller account is to check out the competition if you are aiming at a niche market. So if you are aiming at a country based market, do a Google search and check out the competitors websites and what and how they offer IPTV
  • Research your competition
  • How do they market
  • How do they sell (Payment Solutions)
Now that you have the basic information, you need to decide how you wish to sell IPTV
  1. Direct Contact - Contact interested people directly on forums, news groups etc
  2. Website, Social Networks - Have people contact you, via social networks, websites etc
Direct Contact:

If you decide to contact people directly, you should get a list compiled of all the forums, Reddit groups, Facebook groups and create a Browser Folder and store only your Target Groups there for quick access

Having many sites that you visit can become difficult as you really should have a different username and password for each... To make remembering all Passwords etc, I use www.lastpass.com and it does a much better job of remembering all those details than having my browser remember them all.

Make sure you have MANY forums, MANY groups that you visit daily and keep watching those places of interest every few minutes, since missing a PM contact, might lead to someone else contacting them... And dont just stick with the Rapid Forum.. spread your target market to as many other sites as possible.
The difference between making $100 USD a month and $2000 USD a month is only your effort!

Website, Social Networks

Having an Online Point of contact is the most efficient way of getting clients as you can have your website, forum link, Facebook group, Twitter page or other as a signature on forums as a link to more information.

A website can be a good thing or a bad thing.
How many times have you gone to a website to buy something and just clicked out of it and gone somewhere else, because you didnt trust the seller...?
A simple LOGO is enough for people to trust or refuse to trade with, because you need to remember that your clients are giving YOU money and need to trust you within SECONDS or else they go elsewhere!
You maybe very good at service or support, but first impressions are 100% important!

You really need to create at least 1 Page on Facebook as a landing page for people to go to, for more information, but more importantly, to get TRUST from you.

When you have trust, then visitors to your Facebook page or website will be more inclined to SHARE or Recommend you to their friends, something DIrect Contact is not able to really achieve.

For instance, about 20% of all my clients are reffered to my website by other people I have given a Trial or sold a Subscription too, simply as I have a Online Point of Contact which people can view at their leisure, without any contact from me.

How do I know if I am doing the right thing?

There is a very easy way to test if you are doing it right... Make some small changes and see if things improve or get worse...
If they get worse, go back to the original way and try something else.
If they get better, then make some more changes and continue to do so until you are happy with the way you have optimized things, which could be as simple as a SIGNATURE change, a new logo or something else.

In 1 month, I changed my website 3 times (complete redesign) as I was not getting good performance and now I am happy with the outcome, which is DRASTICALLY different to the previous 2.

Another thing which is important is originality....

Many Resellers have the same design layout as Rapids old site, so visitors will instantly know, they are visiting the same old site...

Feel free to PM for some more tips :)
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Apr 6, 2020
What is the best way to advertise? Currently i'm using facebook but it's not effective cuz my service costs quite cheap. Also channels are translated so i just advertise within my country(which is very small), and should i expand to other countries ?