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Not asking for the impossible

Unicorn Hunter

New Member
Aug 17, 2019
Hi thereo_O I'm not asking for something that does not exist. Anything I ask for I've had in the past

1) Sky and Bt sports SD ( if you watch each channel of 2500 for just 10 minutes to check them pe prepaired to spend 17.36 days continually watching without sleep or any breaks )
2) Catch up of at least a week ( previously had 3 weeks)
3) Be able to record or download programmes

My other concern is the IPTV pie, to many fingers in, to many cooks spoil the.... Anybody understand pyramid selling, if you are at the top THE seller, great, then there's the re-seller who sells to a re-seller who in turn sells to a reseller at each level the quality of service has to be diluted. In my mind Bt and Sky can save any money they are spending on shutting down IPTV because the market will be flooded and no one will be getting a reliable IPTV service any way..

Be a brave seller or re-seller to reply to this. All I'm asking for is for Uk sports channels sd, no movies, no vod, no adult, no foriegn channels BUT must have catch up, reliability and the ability to record or download. PLEASE:(:( Quality over Quantity. Willing to pay good price for this kind of service