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Tips & Tricks for the best experience!

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I do what i do
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Apr 9, 2017
Hi guys!

I read rather often people have diffrent issues with service. In this thread i will list a few tips and tricks to make the experience as good as can be.. I hope it helps someone!

1. Minimum recomended internet speed is 30mbit down speed. (test here: http://www.speedtest.net - choose against a server in amsterdam). I sugest a minimum of 50mbit. If you get buffers try to close all of the devices connected to your internet since they also "use" bandwith from your connection.

2. Connect if possible via TP-Cable directly to your device from router.

3. Always try to have latest FW on your router.

4. The router is like a car, after a while you need to get a new one. Wear and tear is like milage in a car
and traffic in the router should considerd be the same. Most users change internet provider now and then but the router in most case stays the same. Manny users also have the provided router from the ISP and this router is far away from the best or even "good". If you guys want tips on good routers just ask and ill give some sugestions.

5. For easy management of links like user link and or epg links with remote editing so end user dont need to anything. Register a free account at: http://www.bitly.com. Then you can make a custom short url.

My recomended software

Android: Perfect Player ( http://niklabs.com/ )
Windows: VLC ( https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ )
Apple: GSE ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gse-smart-iptv-pro/id1028734023?mt=8 )
Smart TV: SIP ( http://sip******* WARNING FRAUD **DON'T BUY** PLEASE REPORT TO ADMIN *******/howto/ )
Amazon Fire TV Stick: Perfect Player ( http://niklabs.com/ )

Smart TV´s:

If you are lucky enough to have a "smart tv with Android TV as OS your are a winner. If you are planing to buy or upgrade your TV i would sugest a TV that have Android TV (Sony and Philips have good models with Android TV).

So for the avaliable software:

Android TV (Sony, LG, Samsung, Philips..etc): Perfect Player. Install from your TV´s "Playstore".
webOS (LG) (best current version is webOS 3.5): Smart IPTV. Install from your TV's "Playstore"
Tizen (Samsung) (best current version is 3.0): Smart IPTV. Install for your "Playstore" -x- Works best with model type 2015 tv "H-series" and higher -x-

My recommendet hardware (android)

Nvidia Shield TV Hands down the best overall experience. Both hardware and software. It runs Android TV 8.0 as for now (may 2018).

Xiaomi Mi Box 3. Its a very good box and alot cheaper then Nvidia Shield TV. And its runs Android TV 8.0 (may 2018) This box have some drawbacks. No tp connection (if you need you can buy a usb -> tp cable adapter it works ok) so only wifi connection. Make sure NOT to buy the chinese cheaper version. Buy the international ROM.

X96-Android-6-0-Amlogic-S905X. Its the most affordable box out there in my opinion. It runs Android 6.0. Have decent hw and software. Be sure not to buy the clones. And buy the 2gb/16gb version. The best thing about this box is that there is alot of suport and alot of custom roms so you can have all the customasation you need. And zero bloatware that comes on the other chinese android boxes.

A good router!

In my opinion the best router for the buck is: TP-Link Archer C7


VPN or Not?

If you want a VPN or not is up to you. I would recommend TorGuard. I have used it for a long time and it works great with dedicated ip. Search for disscount code. I used: TGLifetime50 and i got 50% of the first year.


What resolution should i choose?

I recomend always using 720p when avaliable.

So, all of us wants the best possible experience right? Best video and audio experience.

There is basicly 3 ways of watching the channels.

1. SD (low resolution)
2. HD (high definition)
3. 4K/UHD (4 x Full HD / Ultra HD)

In regards to HD i will always sugest choosing the 720p stream since its all the lines/pixels all the time on the screen. Some of you might say, why shall we not look at the 1080i streams? Higher is better right?

In regards to 720p vs 1080i. 720p wins. With the "p" meaning progressive and "i" interlaced. In reality 1080i is actually 540p.

For a easy explenation check here:
(its a bit outdated byt he explains it in a good way)

Are you connecting direcly on your Smart TV?

A Smart TV is not as good device like a computer, media box etc. And dont have the same amount of settings and configurations. And is also equipped with less memory both flash and internal storage wise.

And if a error occur there is hard to find the root of the problem and make proper diagnostic.

However in 9/10 situations the errors can be remedied by making a "hard reeboot" or clearing out the cache or temorary files.

A hard reeboot is simple. Just unplog the power coard for a period of not less then 30 sec. Then replug.
Depending on your tv, brand and model there is different ways to clear the cache memory. Please look in user manual or search online.

One last thing. The wifi-adapter in most of the Smart TVs are not so good. I always recomend you connect diretly with TP-Cable for less problems.

If there is a problem...

1. Check status of your internet connection (from your isp website etc).

2. Restart router and your device at the same time (i would sugest power off the units for a period of atleast 30 sec).

3. If above fail check forum and ask if someone else have issues.

4. Contact staff or post on forum in ( https://iptv.community/threads/chan...nel-is-having-problems.6417/page-6#post-53059 ).

If i missed something or you want me to add something here please send a PM and i will add it and give you credits for the update.

Have a good day!

If your ISP i blocking IPTV traffic there is no way that they will do something about it even if you give them RAPIDIPTV ip address. You can make only things worst than it is by giving them ip so they could start to filter that ip. My advise is to configure your internal network better to achive maximum from your isp and at the end if you are sure that isp is filtering IPTV traffic to setup Nord Vpn or Pure Vpn with dedicated ip and streaming extension on.

I will remeber you what you should do first to have decent home network connected to wan in the right way.

1. Make bridge in between your ISP Box and Router ( if you can not make a bridge than put your Router ip in DMZ on ISP Box )

2. Disable v6 protocol, IGMP snooping protocol, and muticast on Lan/Wifi

3. Use Google dns and and static ip or by insering dns in your router for all devices or on your device

4. Check your MTU on your ISP Router. Default is 1500 for cable connection and 1492 for adsl or do the test here http://www.letmecheck.it/mtu-test.php

5. Set Qos on router with mac address of your TV Box and CDR ( please check this class maybe has changed ) with maximum priority to that rule (Classless Inter-Domain Routing is a method for allocating IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets)

6. Dont use wifi connection ( if you have to use wifi make sure that wifi channel of router is not overlapping with some other router with androd app wifi anylazer )

7. Check class of your network cables as cables are different for 10, 100 and 1 gb links.

8. If you are using Windows for watching tweak your network with tcp optimizer http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php

9. If you are using Andoid after every boot turn on big tcp buffer size to eliminate buffering with bionic tcp ip https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spirilis.bionictcp&hl=en works only on rooted devices.

10. Configure Kodi with advancedsettings.xml to use ram buffer. Also on Amazon firestick as it is slow you can edit this line in advancedsettings.xml to drop some frames from the stream and have playback more fluent:

Let me know if it works for you on your network!

Happy Times!

Latest update 2018-09-01
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Feb 5, 2017
but he say 720p is better jus for video with a lots of motion (like sports, action movies, etc) all other 1080i is better ...


I do what i do
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Apr 9, 2017
Nice one, still i think ProgTV is better for Android then PerfectPlayer. Have you checked it?

Yes i have tried it and i still prefer Perfect Player. It have a eaier GUI and have most of the fetures i need. And with latest beta it loads the list very fast!!


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Nov 10, 2018
I have a problem with trying to use airplay in my GSE app on my iPad to try to stream to my Apple TV Gen 3.
Only the sound is received but no picture. Any suggestions?

Best regards / Toby