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NVidia Shield TV What software works?

Discussion in 'Android Boxes' started by oaic Ciccio, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. oaic Ciccio

    oaic Ciccio New Member

    Hi guys,
    I bought the nvidia shield TV, I thought that it was a really good hardware but I have lots of problems with HD Channels.
    I tried to use Mag emulator no way, Smart IPTV no way. Kodi seems to work but for lots of channels are slow and not syncronized.
    So, the thing is that I don't really know what software to use, or if just return the shield tv because to me is not of use.

    What do you think? Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. harryporter

    harryporter Reseller Reseller Active Member

    To start with reset the box to factory settings, then use cable and not wifi connection, try Smart Iptv app 1.3.6.
    Btw. what internet connection do you have?

  3. bjornligan

    bjornligan New Member

    I also have a shield. I am currently using perfect player because its user friendly and fast but looking for a similar that support subtitles. Iptv extreme and kodi is not wife/kid approved.
  4. harryporter

    harryporter Reseller Reseller Active Member

    Have you tried GSE smart iptv app with Xtreme code Api? It acts like an mag device more or less when using in that mode.

  5. oaic Ciccio

    oaic Ciccio New Member

    Hi guys,
    Firstly, thank u all for the advices.

    Let's clarify my sitiation:
    • Giga Ethernet connected to the Shield TV
    • Fiber 200Mbits/200Mbits (Internet speed is not an issue)
    • I just bought the device, I didn't try to reset it, why do u think that it could solve the issue?
    • The issue seems to be a codec related because some channel works and others don't.
    • I had a look to the Smart IPTV version, and I read 1.3, where can I download the 1.3.6 version?
    @harryporter: I'm just trying to use the GSE smart iptv app, I´ll let u know.
    Is there any tutorial on app configuration? Thank u
  6. oaic Ciccio

    oaic Ciccio New Member

    Just tried the GSE smart iptv app with Xtreme code Api, it was fine untill I found some channel with AC3 audio which is not working, there is no audio.
  7. bjornligan

    bjornligan New Member

    Tried it now. A lot of commercial, needs mouse, got stream error on all channels so dont know if subs work. Uninstalled it
  8. galitone

    galitone I aim to please. Reseller

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017
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  9. smarm

    smarm New Member

    I've gotten the playlists working with puppetmaster tv and SCRAPEY. Pulls the playlist into the Live Channels app of the shield which works brilliantly.The user interface of the other major IPTV apps is absolutely appalling compared to Live Channels. Unfortuantely there's no EPG with this solution.

    Until CumulusTV sorts out m3u playlist import, this seems the best solution. Loading streams with IPTV client within Kodi is OK, but seems to cause buffering which doesn't occur outside of Kodi on the same channel.
  10. bjornligan

    bjornligan New Member

    Is there any guide on this?
    Does subtitles work?
  11. Francisco Barros

    Francisco Barros New Member

    I am having the same problems.
    Smart iptv not working properly, some channels only audio, hd need to select diferent player, glitchy.
    Perfect player won't load the channels, says channels found but nothing.
    Iptv player no image, not loading,etc.
    Kodi works but everytime want to change channel stutters.

    Menus also not very user friendly.

    I really wanted iptv to work properly on the nvidia shield tv
  12. cleaner23

    cleaner23 New Member

    I'm using an Nvidia Shield console as well with Kodi16.1 and IPTV simple client.

    Everything work well so far, no channel switching issues, stable, HD streams OK (200 Mbit/Cable ISP)

    the only problem i have is after standby-/resume the shield (directly into KODI) somehow the EPG data does not display anymore but comes back after a while (minutes) especially if i switching channels a lot.

    i'm also tried the "Smart IPTV" app from the app store (the same like on my Samsung smart TV) but somehow the Android version seems to be very unstable.
    (freezes, no audio after channel switch or even after a while watching the same channel).

    tried perfect player as well - did not like the GUI etc.

    Basically I'm happy with my KODI setup and iptv simple client - works well so far except for the EPG bug(?) after standby ...
  13. jayjay2010

    jayjay2010 New Member


    hey mate I don't think its a bug, its a feature ;)

    did u enable the epg caching?
  14. Cerberus

    Cerberus New Member

    Best client so far is Perfect Player with "HW" as decoder. "HW+" support Dolby Digital but fails 99% of the time (stream does not start/error)

    I tried Smart IPTV but got banned several times, i think this player tries to play two streams at the same time when changing channels.
  15. smarm

    smarm New Member

    So I got dvblink live integrating with Live Channels by using my imac as a dvblink server. EPG actually worked ok, but its so laggy zapping channels. Same rapid feed with puppetmaster/live channels is instanaeous.

    I stil cannot get Cumulus TV to work with m3u playlists.

    The hunt continues for a stable Live Channels m3u app with XML epg
  16. labalele

    labalele New Member

    I got my nvidia shield tv 2nd gen today, tried PROGtv, FHD channels lagg so mutch :( , iptv extreme pro just dies.. What app to use that support subtitles?
  17. labalele

    labalele New Member

    Perfect player crashing too, okey, thats the only app that works? i have alfawise s92 50€ android box from gearbest thats works better than this... :( 200€ waste
  18. labalele

    labalele New Member

    Ok, just tried smart iptv, works but no subs :/ going to try kodi now :)
  19. labalele

    labalele New Member

    Yeah, but no one for changing subs right?
  20. sukimops

    sukimops New Member


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