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VOD movies missing


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Oct 9, 2019
(Using XTreamTV and Enigma2 VU+ Duo box)
Why can't I see any of the "new" (non Christmas) movies listed in the mod's postings above in any of my VOD lists ? My "Movies English" list hasn't changed since August 2017. And even two thirds of the ones listed don't play at all.
In my VOD-> Movies English list, the list shows about 138 movies beginning with "Florence Foster Jones" and ending with "Chappie". None of the movies from about no. 100 onwards work. Even under "Newest Added" don't show anything later than 2017.
An hour or so ago, I received an email from IPTV which mentioned
"VOD With Daily Updates
* Important Live Events
* Complete EPG Source
* Catchup On Important Channels
* Compatible With All Devices
* Simple Bouquet Editor
* Increase Connections Up To 5
* 4000+ Live Channels
* 24/7 Technical Support
* Robust Network Infrastructure
* Premium HD Contents
* Full Access Dashboard
* Pay with Card and Cryptocurrency"
and the price for one year.
I renewed my 12 month subscription only a couple of months ago - does all the above apply only to new subscribers ?


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Sep 25, 2015
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Helveticva did you check your bouquet list if the section is activated...
Open your Dashboard Choose Manage lines - press the three dots

- choose Bouquet list - enable/disable click "Update"



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Oct 9, 2019
Hi Nonid, Yes I did that a couple of weeks ago when I was having problems, I just did it again to be sure. I can now see more movies listed under "Recent Added". I also saw a list of 4K movies but I can't watch them because our Sony Bravia TV is not the 4K type.
So it looks like I need to only use the "Recent Added" list (the Movies English has not changed, still begins with the "Florence Foster Jones" and ends with "Chappie"). And use the Update option on the dashboard every week or so.
Thankyou @Nonid
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