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Fritzbox and fibreoptics SIPTV can't connect


New Member
Nov 15, 2017
Hi I hope you guys can help me solve my problem.

A month ago I had a normal DSL 2MB connection SIPTV was working perfectly.

I changed for a fibreoptics internet connection 5 days ago. Since then SIPTV does not connect to the internet.

I have a modem whch is connected to two cables coming from my wall one of them is fibre optics and the other one telephone ( i guess ).

To make it more simple to explain here is a picture of my setup.

I tried to connect only the TV and the fibre optics cable and it didn't work. ( I think fibre optics needs to use the LAN slots somehow and not the DSL slot. Well I think I tried almost everything and it simply does not work.

Hopefully you can help me.gay.jpg