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Newbie to IPTV


New Member
Feb 7, 2019
Hi everyone and thanks for reading. So I cancelled my sky subscription here in Ireland because we mainly use Netflix but recently knocked into a friends house and saw that they had a small tiny box I think it was a mag254 box. They had every channel available and stream media from there own network etc. I know people sell these boxes already configured but I have a couple of questions. (1) how is this done? There is company's selling these boxes. Do you pay a subscription fee? (2) How reliable are these? (3) is thus legal? How can someone sell a box that has every channel when sky or virgin charge. Are they using a paid IPTV service and configuring it on all the boxes they sell using one account? I see the boxes can be bought online so I'm guessing these would be must be blank box that I would need to configure.? Any help appreciated.