TVIP 605 Review

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New Member
Jun 7, 2019
Hi guys
This box is great but not fully finished product, I just got the new 2019 version updated 23-MAY-2019
-Blue tooth: do not connect it, the screen will go crazy in some situations if you hold the arrow down for example.
-Using the multi portal (up to 10 IPTV subscriptions) is a challenge to use, I was not able to fully use it yet.
-If you put the wrong WiFi password, it will say connected, then after 5 or 6 seconds, will show disconnected, as you don't see the password it is difficult to know if you made a mistake or if your wife or the box is defective .
-Using a link M3U is also a challenge as often IPTV providers don't provide a an EPG file
-Unable to record even if it seems an option
-Used as a MAG is wiping out the Plexx and youtube icons
-Used as a MAG, you can NOT change the parental control password usually 0000 or 8888 (default)
-Not compatible on 3+ old Samsung unless you change the setting to 1080 i/p
-Could not figure out how to use the TVIP 605 as a android box
If you can overcome these issues, it is a great box... a lot of providers replace the MAG with this box (can be found under $59.00)


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Aug 11, 2019
Hi, which is the pest choices for iptv on 605, Linux or Android mode?