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  1. Z

    Smart IPTV crashes before loading list of channels

    Hello, I have a Samsung J5500 smart TV, and SMART IPTV was working fine. But since yesterday, it crashes just before loading the channel list. If anyone have an idea about how to fix this issue or about the cause please help. Thanks in advance
  2. Robin larsson

    Smart IPTV - LG - Change language

    Hi folks. I have searched alot and tried some things to be able to change language on some channels on my LG TV (webOS 3.5) that has the Smart IPTV app installed. But nothing i tried is working. All i want to do is to change language from English to Swedish on the channel: Cartoon Network SE...
  3. B

    VOD issue Samsung TV Smart IPTV

    Hi, New here so please be kind.. Smart IPTV has stopped playing VOD on my Samsung TV. The channels all work fine but when I try a VOD I get a connection failed message. All was ok until about 3 days ago. the playlist provider and have confirmed that there have been no changes at there...
  4. ftoklu

    Smart IPTV getting black screen every few minutes

    Hey guys, maybe someone of you knows this issue or also has an solution. Its just on my smart tv (samsung / smart iptv), the channels are running good, but every 1-2 minutes the screen gets black after 3-8 seconds the channel works again and then again its getting black Does anyone know this...
  5. P

    Samsung smart IPTV app issues - tv out of memory error message?

    Hi, could someone help me please.......for the last 10 days whenever i go on the iptv smart tv app on my samsung tv, live tv works but whenver i go to change the channel i get the following message: "your tv is out of memory try reducing playlist size or use save online when uploading it at...
  6. rog8811

    Mecool Kiii pro with IPTV

    Hi peeps, I have spent today stripping out my old spiderbox setup and replacing it with the Mecool Kiii pro android box. First thing I wanted to try out was of course IPTV so, as I have used it already I downloaded smartiptv and got on to my supplier for a trial connection. Well the app...
  7. Simon777

    Automatic Start of "Smart IPTV" App after power-up the TV

    Hello *, dows anybody know? is this possible? Automatic start of the App after power on the TV? BR, Simon
  8. losmighty

    Siptv samsung smart tv problem

    Am i the only one who got problem with siptv ( samsung smart tv) since yesterday ... Its laggy , its slow , its load the channels reall really slow , it responds really late when i switch or try to go back to groups can someone help or is it problem by siptv ?
  9. xam

    Fire TV stick and perfect player PROBLEM

    Hi, i have a problem with all hd channels on my fire stick with perfect player installed, broadband is 100mb, i also check with smart iptv app on fire stick and same problem, its this happen cause i using free version of this app??
  10. giantiptv

    Smart IPTV on Android TV

    I spent so much time looking for best IPTV player for my Android Tv, I've tried many applications, DVBprog beta Perfect Player IPTV Pro+vlc and many more the best application that works like charm on my Android TV is Smart IPTV for android, SmartIPTV-v1.5 not...
  11. Franqie

    Smart IPTV on Sony TV

    We have wonderful options to install Smart IPTV on Samsung Smart TV's and LG because the app is simply downloadable thru their appstores. Does anyone have suggestions, manuals, tips & tricks to get Smart IPTV on Sony platform, preferrably on Android based platform and non-Android. Many...
  12. R

    LG Tv with Smart IPTV - "File not found" error

    Hi - I have an LG 47LW650S Smart TV. I have installed Smart IPTV and found an m3u Channel List. I have uploaded the channel list as shown in your guide and got the message about "Success! Channels: 233 Groups:1. However when I turn on the app, I see the Channels all showing different...