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Self Diagnostic (Things to check before reporting IPTV issues)

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Jun 3, 2015

When you encounter an issue, we highly recommend taking these self-diagnosing steps in order to narrow down the search for the possible issue. This will be a big help to the Technical Team and will definitely speed up the process of solving the issue.

Follow these steps:

1. Check the internet connection on the device by using another app like youtube. Check if the problem is on wifi or cable.

2. Check the Line on a different App, Smart IPTV, Perfect Player, GSE Smart player.

3. Check the line on VLC on the PC.

You may see the below errors:

Access Denied ( connection is good) or IP Banned ( Firewall is blocking the connection).

4. Download the line and paste it into your web browser, if it won't start downloading to your player then it means its blocked.

5. Submit a Ticket through your Dashboard: http://prntscr.com/kpf8r0
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