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VU+ and Dreambox subtiltes DVB

Discussion in 'Enigma' started by Cykelkalle, Apr 23, 2017.

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  1. Cykelkalle

    Cykelkalle Member

    Hey guys,

    My subtitles on swedish c more and viasat are not working. Its working fine in VLC.

    Have anyone had the same problem?

    Thank you.
  2. Rapid TV Swiss

    Rapid TV Swiss Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    please try to open a ticket (https://support.rapidiptv.net/hc/en-us/)
    IPTV technical will fix it as soon as they can.
  3. FreddyK

    FreddyK Member

    Works for me on Dreambox with OpenPLi.
    You need to activate it with yellow button on all channels manually if you haven't configured automatic subtitles for Swedish, English etc in subtitle settings menu.
  4. Cykelkalle

    Cykelkalle Member

    I got a DreamBox already, working fine when pressing the yellow button.

    On my Vu+ Solo its not working, OpenPli 4, same image.

    Really strange
  5. FreddyK

    FreddyK Member

    That sounds more like an openpli on vu+ issue than rapid issue.
    Have you tried update the box?

    opkg update
    opkg upgrade

    Take a backup on important settings first in case something goes wrong.
  6. kruppin

    kruppin New Member

    Sorry for reviving old thread but I am having same problem, works fine on a dm500hd etc, but my vu+ zero is same problem as you. Only something like 1 in 10 lines shows, and when they show they have artifacts in them, scratches. Seems to be vu+ specific.

    Anyone solved this problem yet?
  7. vladimirec2013

    vladimirec2013 New Member

    I have a receiver, vu zero and the DVB subtitles don't work.. Do you know what the problem is, what can i do? Thanks.
  8. kruppin

    kruppin New Member

    There seems to be a driver problem with vu+ zero (and maybe other vu+) with subtitles on iptv streams. Never did find a solution to this problem, ended up using older dm500hd (and rpi, androidbox etc) instead.
  9. Farshad

    Farshad New Member

    I have same problem, whats wrong ?
  10. Edvardsen

    Edvardsen New Member

    So the subtitles is working flawlessly on Dreambox?
    I'm having some issues with the subtitles on VOD movies, when i select a subtitle with the yellow button the movie stops and the box is not responding for a long time.
    And when the movie start (after a long time), it's no subtitle runnig..

    So i wonder if there are some users here that have some of the newest Dreamboxes? And if they works with subtitles?

    I'm using Vu+ Solo 4K - With OpenATV 6.1.
    Xtream Editor Plug-In with Catch-Up support.
  11. FreddyK

    FreddyK Member

    Yes it works perfectly on Dreambox.
  12. Edvardsen

    Edvardsen New Member


    Thanks for the answer!

    What version of the dreambox do you use?
    Is it some of the newest boxes?
  13. FreddyK

    FreddyK Member

    No older ones like DM800HD
  14. Edvardsen

    Edvardsen New Member

    OK, Thanks for the answer!

    I wonder how the Dreambox DM920 UHD will perform regarding iptv and subtitles??

    Anyone here that use this box??
  15. Ramon Chircop

    Ramon Chircop Royal Reseller

    On my Dreambox 800hdse set up with m3u my vods didn't work well at all especially when using subtitles.
  16. Edvardsen

    Edvardsen New Member

    It's the same issue with my VU+ Solo 4K. :(

    But i wonder if it works better on the latest boxes from Dreambox??
  17. hhc

    hhc New Member

    i also have them same problem.i have vuduo 2.

    with xc plugin was good.
  18. hhc

    hhc New Member

    just with favorilijst or with plugin does not work properly. with dreambox of vuplus.
  19. azem

    azem New Member

    is XC plugin working to you?

    because with me XC plugin does not work anymore

    best regards
  20. hhc

    hhc New Member

    no not anymore

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