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DM800 HD - No CA Found, Is it over?


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Mar 27, 2018
Translated from Swedish!

Hello everybody!

It is so that unfortunately I am the victim of the family to be the one who is to cook all technical objects even though I have no experience in things.

I was commissioned to fix a dreambox DM800 HD where I would flash for a new OpenPLI 7.0 that I have read was the latest. I had no idea if the box was cloned or not but I took the risk to start by downloading a cloned OpenPLI 7.0. Before that, I turned off power from the dreambox, held the power button and put the power back on. Then there was an IP address that I entered in Firefox 3.0 (had to downgrade firefox) and then I took a cloned version. Then I found it was Invalid IMAGE. Tested another cloned and everyone gave me Invalid IMAGE and in my head I thought it was then original box. I downloaded an original image and then worked flashed, booted and then it says ERROR: No CA FOUND - I have seen that there were quite a few who had that problem and that you have to buy a cord called nullmodem etc. It would also go with the USB Mini said but the modem I have in front of me does not have access to it but has only two common USB inputs.

I tested to take out power, hold the power button and then bring in the power but nothing further, it's stuck to NO CA FOUND. I do not know if I should now give up and buy me an Android BOX which I assume is the easiest (Minix) for the family but before I notify them so I wonder if there is something I can do to fix the dreambox or is it simply break down and just buy new ones?

Now I do not have the best experience either, went from Google today and this is how far I have come up with the knowledge so please, was not too hard on me.

Appreciate all kind of help!


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Mar 9, 2019
It's not over yet! Have you determined if it's a clone yet? If so, what SIM version? On some models there is a black pushable switch on the back. Push it while powering up (Release when display says **STOP**. Then it gives you an IP adress where you can connect to the box. Then with dreamup or through the browser flash the appropriate image. Hope it helps you.

It's really important you know the SIM version and the loader of the box!