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just to understand this .m3u confusion on Dreambox DM7020HD?


New Member
Sep 26, 2019

recently I discovered this problem and maybe somebody have some idea for me:

In the past few days I have tested multiple m3u lists from the internet, some by ordering a testline, some by just downloading from a variaty of different places just to start understanding how iptv works at all. I searched for this issue all across, but have not found any input.

When active, almost all of the lists worked with VLC, but when I load them to my device some of them stay dark. If the stream-link in the list is for example something like this, its working well:

h--p://SOMETHING/SOMETHING/SOMETHING1234.ts (file extension ".TS")
h--p://SOMETHING/SOMETHING/SOMETHING1234 (NO file extansion)
h--p://SOMETHING/SOMETHING/SOMETHING1234.m3u8 (file extension ".M3U8")

BUT some of the .M3U8 links when you enter into a browser it resolves it to a new .M3U8 file with more entries and these are not working for me, for example you have then something like this:


Why .ts is working when its directly implemented in the list, and why its not working when its resolved true a .m3u8 link?
I really have tried everything I came across, from other device images to all possible plugins and applications, but this issue was never able to solve.
I understand that my device is not the Ferrari of hardware :) , if this is the issue at all.

Many Thanks in advance.

my device:
Dreambox dm7020hd
with standard DM image and
enigma 2014-03-14-tarball
gemini 0.81-r1